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Contact: If you would like to see if we have or could locate a specific book or memorabilia item for you or if you have a general inquiry please e-mail us at proprietor@citybookservice.com. We also welcome inquiries to see if we are able to help value book(s) which you have.

Inventory: The city book service® is no longer an operating "book store" and all books and other items (photographs, show programs, signed memorabilia, etc.) are the personal property of the proprietor. However it may be that something which you desire just happens to be something which the proprietor has and with which he would part for a fair price. Review the list of Specific Holdings (below) to help you decide and feel free to ask (via email) providing as much information as possible. If describing a book the following should be helpful:

Basic book description format: Author (Last name, First); Title (underlined); Publisher's Information (name, city, date); the word "Wraps" if the book has paper covers; Edition (if specific or special) and printing (if appropriate); other important information (e.g., if the book is signed, credits for the illustrator, etc.); something about the book not readily known (for example, biographical information about a previous owner); using Antiquarian Bookman standards the condition of the book as well as the dust wrapper (jacket), if present; and finally, category(s) (see listings below). For Example:

Chandler, David G. Sedgemoor 1685. Spellmount, Staplehurst, 1999. Wraps. First edition. Subtitle: From Monmouth's Invasion to the Bloody Assizes. Signed by author on title page in St. Mary's Church, Westonzoyland, Somerset, on 29 September 2001. As New book. Britain History

Specific holdings are eclectic and include many signed and first edition books on:

ARTS: (graphic and music, to include appropriate biographies and histories)

BRITAIN: (from or about England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and - because of its geographical proximity and historical relationship - The Republic of Ireland.)

CHILDREN: (books for children)

CIVIL WAR: (the one from 1861-1865 in the USA)

ENTERTAINMENT: (theatre, movies, radio and television - biographies, histories, scripts, and books made into)

FICTION: (including mystery and science fiction)

GAMES: (sports and games, to include biographies and histories of)

HISTORY: (world-wide, to include all non-United States politics)

MILITARY: (all services, all countries)

OTHER: (other non-fiction; e.g. cook books, pets, philosophy, and religion)

POLITICS: (United States only, especially 'inside the beltway' books)

WOOLLCOTT: (Alexander Humphreys – he and his contemporaries, their lives, times and works)