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Our Favorite Links

 The following links are sites which we feel are worthwhile and

which we support with our time and/or resources.




Britain/Family Related



The Somerset and Dorset Family History Society assists people doing genealogical research on ancestors in these two counties in England. They were participants at the Bawdon/Bawden Family Reunion in September 2001 and have published articles on the family. The Somerset village of Westonzoyland is in Our Trademark.



“The Zoyland Heritage Fund is committed to ensuring the maintenance of St. Mary's Church, Westonzoyland, as an historical building as well as a significant place of worship locally and wishes to further develop historical information about the Battle of Sedgemoor and generally improve the visitor experience. We are working to raise finances to meet our charitable needs and are in the process of further developing the dedicated Visitors' Centre within the Church to display the story of the battle which took place around the village.”



St. Mary’s Church, Westonzoyland – the church to the right of the books in our trademark – is the location of Zoyland Heritage Fund display, where our ancestors were married, and its graveyard contains multiple ancestors [see Our Trademark].



Frenchay Village Museum - The Frenchay Tuckett Society was formed in 1996 to care for a collection of Quaker artefacts donated to the village of Frenchay by the descendents of the Tuckett family.   The Society is a registered charity whose objective is “to advance the education of the public in the history of the village of Frenchay”. The Village Museum is only one of the activities of the Society.  It organises guided walks, publishes books and presents a series of local history talks during the winter months.



St. John the Baptist (now The Frenchay Parish Church) – the church to the left of the books in Our Trademark – in whose graveyard rest many ancestors.



Ringing For England - “We are the Campaign RINGING FOR ENGLAND to celebrate – ENGLAND’s DAY, ST. GEORGE’s DAY every year on April 23rd.” An information source on bells and bell ringing.






Cancer – “The Marina Dalglish Appeal was set-up by the Dalglish family in 2005 'to do something to help' after Marina was successfully treated for Breast Cancer in 2003. The charity has one very simple aim 'to make a difference'.”



Dementia – The BRACE Charity Office, until 2015 located in Frenchay Hospital, Frenchay, and now at Elgar House, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, says “We raise funds and we support dementia research. That’s the simple description of our work.”



Domestic Violence – The Family Justice Center (FJC) of Georgetown and Horry Counties is a unique collaboration of community partners and agencies working together to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. FJC is dedicated to the creation of a community where there is zero tolerance of domestic violence.



Non-profit auction site – “…a unique online auction platform, where nonprofits, schools, consumers and businesses converge to create dynamic and exciting fundraising events and ultimately, to raise more money for the causes we care so much about.” Since 2013 we have bid on – and won – many unique items to give to charities, to other people and even for ourselves, all of which helped support other non-profit organizations in their activities.